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Developer description

Better solutions for your Enterprise...

Solutions for your entire company's IT.

You will receive the appropriate comprehensive consulting, training and other support for our projects.

After a comprehensive analysis of your needs and goals, develop on the basis of content management systems such as Typo3 individual and professional websites and web applications that can easily maintain their content from you.

In addition to the technical implementation, we can also provide the design.

Furthermore, the integration of intranet areas for employees and customers is possible, where you can manage and deliver documents. Also, an integration of archives, and reports of your data and processes is possible.

Need to match your business to the company or department-specific software to optimize your workflow? Even then you can contact us, of course.

We will advise you and present you with a customized concept.

The implementation of special system architectures and applications into existing concepts and processes, and optimizing technical and facilitation of your existing web presence, are of course possible without further notice.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015